Logistic Solutions

Understanding Logistics and the demands it has on our service delivery is where we thrive most in our industry. Whilst driving is one challenge we do well, organising, consigning and distributions of goods in a safe and timely manner.

Focusing on complex logistical processes, Pioneer Solutions have a strong logistics management system, creating traceability and accountability of goods being managed. Our system records collections, notifies clients of delivery and maintains complete management of goods in process. 


Our locations are expanding with storage facilities in the North and South Island, so distributions and logistical facilities are processed without delay. Using 3PL Logistics solutions, our deliveries meet demanding conformance to tracability, tracking and efficient movement of goods


Concrete Construction

At Pioneer Solutions, concrete construction is our specialty capability. With over 20 Years experience in delivering large and complex projects involving concrete, we know what it means to get things done right. We specialize within the infrastructure and commercial market, offering solutions for reinforce concrete construction and precast concrete installations.

Our passion is in building excellent work and concrete is how we do it with a strong crew of carpenters and an experienced team we deliver well. We work in an environmentally managed way and ensure our footprint is beneficial to New Zealand.

Infrastructure & Drainage

Greater knowledge of the infrastructure means reliable services to the built environment. That is what we do. Placing or repairing below ground services, we ensure a high level of safety, efficency and quality is maintained. Our experience in commercial stormwater, wate water and infrastructure services means we do everything from excavating, installing, below ground structures and reinstatement to the design specifications. 

Maintaining a high level of quality control including ITP's, check sheets and procedures means we get thing right the first time.

Bulk Earthworks

Understanding the improvements or reinstatement to ground conditions fit for supporting buildings and structures is our game. We know our materials well and we can install it to a high level of skill and quality. Working with sophisticated and large equipment, means high efficiency and safety is paramount. We test our work regularly to meet the stringent standards in our industry. that way we move on knowing we have delivered a level of service second to none.

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