Storage Solutions

We provide excellent and manageable storage sollutions. All storage units are 100% secure, under CCTV surveillance and affordable. Part of our drive to provide excellent storage solutions is to ensure that our clients we deliver for are not rushed to find a storage facility with their move. At Pioneer is a one stop shop and we remain completely flexible with storage arrangements. No bonds, no cleaning and no minimal terms. We get it done.

In addition to our storage, we offer full packing services, shelving facilities and transfer arrangements with forklift operations and container devanning. 

Security Camera

Design & Build

Whether it is a stand alone design services or a complete Design and Build, we can assist with great results. Enhancing your work or living environments from residential to commercial projects, we are uniquely strengthened with extensive design options and design management capabilities.

It's not about meeting the building code, it's about meeting our clients needs and we offer a complete full design service to provide great results

Renovation Design

Renovation or extension designs are often ignored as being a solution. Not everything has to be build new. In many cases the structures we currently have can be greatly improved and expanded to provide a more affordable and enjoyable space.

At Pioneer we have done well in this area of design. Purely because we can take what seems to be too hard, and we have made it easy for our clients to process. Bring us on board and you will be surprised with our results. 

Interior and Landscaping

As much as we love our indoor environments, we do not need to stop there. The indoor and outdoor spaces should flow and become natural. Even with a great indoor space, we can still feel the pressure of getting our outdoor spaces right. This is why we love designing with our landscaping expert team. Because they do such a great job, our designs have great impacts.

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