Logistic Solutions

Understanding Logistics and the demands it has on our service delivery is where we thrive most in our industry. Whilst driving is one challenge we do well, organising, consigning and distributions of goods in a safe and timely manner.

Focusing on complex logistical processes, Pioneer Solutions have a strong logistics management system, creating traceability and accountability of goods being managed. Our system records collections, notifies clients of delivery and maintains complete management of goods in process. 


Our locations are expanding with storage facilities in the North and South Island, so distributions and logistical facilities are processed without delay. Using 3PL Logistics solutions, our deliveries meet demanding conformance to tracability, tracking and efficient movement of goods


Real time Logistics Management

Providing the most simple of solutions that does not over complicate the logistics handling process, Pioneer Solutions offer live client portals to see their products being handled, stored and delivered. The traceability of each product including inventory management offers complete peace of mind.

Distributions tracking, including sign on glass identifies the products movements, with historical tracing of the products

Product Handling

Product handling and storage solutions with our comprehensive storage management system. Products are coordinated into location distributions stalls as palletized units, or secure storage by hand into totally secure storage units.

Offering 3PL customer services including:

  • Inventory Management

  • Warehouse coordination

  • Bar code picking

  • Consignment and POD generation

  • Stock reports

  • Automated administration.

Transport Handling

Product handling from store to truck is coordinated using our transport management system carried by drivers to record and deliver your goods with full traceability.


Our system provides:

  • Electronic signing of PODs

  • Arrival times and Delivery times

  • Structured recall rates for deliveries in same locations

  • Automated accounts administration

  • GPS tracking of trucks in transit.